1. Sandy says

    Thanks Lisa for visiting and following my site. I am glad that these site help you get some nifty ideas for gifts. It did the same for me as well, got my brain going. I only hope to have the time to actually make them.

  2. Sandy says

    Thanks for visiting Close to Home, and for the nice comment. I will be visiting your site tonight.

  3. says

    Adorable! I’m your newest GFC blog fan and FB fan! I’m stopping in from The Product Review Place to welcome you in! I hope you share some of your Craft reviews in the Craft Group! You do that by clicking “start a discussion” in that group!

    I’d love to feature you with one of your recipes on my blog as Guest Chef! Just ask if you want more info! Stop over! Susie at Scraps of Life and @ThePRPLace Social Media Manager

  4. Sandy says

    I love the class last night and I hope to be able to keep in touch with everyone, so that we can gain inspiration from each other. Thanks for the follow, have a great day Jen.

  5. Sandy says

    I am so excited Susieqtpies to be a part of the group. I will be in touch with you soon, thanks for the warm welcome :-)

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