Fall Butterfly Stationery Printable

by Sandy on 09/11/2014

Here is a relaxing Autumn toned letter sheet.  Enjoy  And let me know what you think of it in the comments.  I will add more as I am inspired.

Fall Butterflies

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A Nice Beige Flowers Printable

by Sandy on 09/10/2014

Here is a nice neutral writing paper for you to enjoy.



nuetral flowers

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Fun Halloween Download

by Sandy on 09/08/2014

Writing paper for the Halloween spirit

Pumpkin Paper

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Out Going Mail Today Sept 8 2014

by Sandy on 09/08/2014

Mail out for JoAnn Garza, Ivy Ash, Saula Sprout, Sonnia Kemmer, Sue Banker, Karon Phillips and Dee Nuzzo.


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Writing to Lisa C.

by Sandy on 08/23/2014

Sitting here at my dining room table writing to Lisa C. from the U.K  Here letters are so pretty and descriptive, she has a nice writing style and uses such pretty paper.


Letter for Lisa C


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Cute Stickers

by Sandy on 08/23/2014

I found these cute stickers at the Dollar Tree just the other day.  Now I have to use them up on some of my envelope I do the next few weeks.




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Nice Self Mailers Found

by Sandy on 08/23/2014

Found some really nice seal and mail letter pads at Hastings.  They were in the clearance section, so I bought the two they had left.  I had not heard of Domo but it seems like many of my fellow pen friends have.


Domo paper


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Mail Going Postal Today….

by Sandy on 04/21/2014


Mail going to a friend in Canada today.






Update:  shortly after I mailed this letter, this pal sent me a message that she no longer wanted to pal because she felt no connection.  I was great with that the only part I did not agree with was she blocked me on facebook after that.  That I didn’t understand but I do wish her much joy in any of her future pen friend adventures she may go on.  Best of luck my dear past friend V’Anstey.

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Pen Friend Outgoing Mail

by Sandy on 04/18/2014

Outgoing mail to several friends today.

Outgoing letters pen pals

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Seriously What Went Wrong….

by Sandy on 03/18/2014



Netscher, Caspar - The Man Writing a Letter - ...

Netscher, Caspar – The Man Writing a Letter – 17th c (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



The writing letters world is a bit confusing at times, let me explain.  I love to write and I do it everyday except on some Saturday’s and Sunday’s.  I have a good number of pen friends that I love and enjoy writing to all of them.  Now my dilemma comes when I have been writing to a pal for a good 24 months back and forth, nice long letters and they suddenly stop.  I do check that the letter didn’t go missing so that is not the problem, would be nice if it were that easy.

I contact the friend via Facebook and they reply nice enough, that a letter is on it’s way.  I wait and wait and the weeks go by and no letter, now I am completely puzzled. I come to the conclusion that I have been dropped and yet it would have been nice for the person to admit, hey our friendship has just run it’s course and I am moving on.  No such courtesy for me.

A new trend is the one where the pen friend will write for a year or so and say sorry I don’t feel the connection so I am dropping you as a pal.  Hmmm and you notice that now after 12 months or more of writing to me.  I think that one knows if a connection is there after perhaps 2 letters into the friendship, so yeah this is a pretty lame excuse if you ask me.

Hey listen it’s so easy to just be truthful, especially on paper when you don’t have to face the person’s expressions or things of that nature.  It would be so much better if as adults we could be more upfront with someone we called our friend for that amount of time.  Anyways that is the end of my soap box I will get off now.  Till next time my friend.


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